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Clinical Psychologists in Perth – help to relieve your distress

When you experience emotions, thinking or behaviour that you don’t understand, it usually affects every area of your life. It can be distressing for you and those closest to you, especially if you’re unsure where to find the best psychologist to support you. At Gateway Psychological Services, our friendly, approachable clinical, neuro and registered psychologists are here to reduce your distress. We help you understand what you’re going through and how we can support you to overcome or manage your condition. Our primary focus is to be the difference that helps you or your loved one move forward with your life.

Providing support for your mental health

Our dedicated psychologists help you overcome your mental health or cognitive challenges using a variety of evidence-based therapy techniques and tools. We draw on our experience and knowledge of the human brain to create a tailored plan to support your emotional wellbeing. Our goal is always to find the best way forward for you with:

Psychological Assessment

this enables us to assess your emotions, thinking and behaviour to better understand what you’re experiencing, so we can diagnose your condition.


your assessment helps determine a psychological diagnosis, which becomes a starting point for treating and managing your condition.


our psychologists create a customised treatment plan to help you learn how to overcome or manage your mental health. You can feel confident that your psychologist has the skills and experience to support you as you move forward with your life.

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Psychological support for mental health, trauma and life events

Having a team of seven psychologists means we can offer support for a wide range of mental health conditions, traumatic experiences and life events, including:



Addiction /
substance abuse






Bipolar disorder





Family violence


Eating disorders


Gender and sexuality


Illness: cancer, “MS, heart disease,




Learning disabilities

(ADD, ADHD, ASD, dyslexia, etc.)


Personality disorders

(schizophrenia, OCD)


Physical disability


Post-traumatic stress disorder




Relationship problems


Self-esteem issues




Sexual assault
Sexual or physical abuse


Victim of crime

Our team also offers assistance to adults seeking cognitive assessments, and neuropsychology.

If you’re unsure how to find the right psychologist to support your or a loved one’s emotional wellbeing, ask our helpful reception team.