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Cognitive Assessments – Intellectual Giftedness

Do you believe your child is demonstrating behaviours or abilities beyond the levels typically expected in their age group? Maybe you’ve been told by carers or teachers that your child’s development is highly advanced. If you’re ready to explore this further and understand what it might mean for your child and for your family, we can help. At Gateway Psychological Services, we offer specialised cognitive testing for giftedness. Our highly skilled psychologist Juanita Scudds has expertise and experience in cognitive assessments to establish intellectual giftedness in children.

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What Are The Signs My Child May Be Gifted?

Every child is different, but there are a few broad signs that you may have a gifted child. Have you consistently noticed any of the following traits?

Language skills developing
earlier than others

Using a vocabulary beyond their
age group or experience

Demonstrating exceptional recall

Driven to learn without encouragement –
advanced intellectual curiosity

Applying high levels of concentration to
tasks they find interesting

Embracing abstract thinking

A sharp or curious sense of humour

Exhibiting intense or disproportionate
reactions or feelings

Feeling a strong sense of justice

Able to focus deeply on topics of interest

Frequently lost in their own thoughts –
highly imaginative

If your child’s behaviours indicate that they are displaying advanced academic development, a neuropsychological assessment could be useful. It can help profile your child’s strengths, provide a neuropsychological baseline for future comparison and predict possible educational or social outcomes to influence school choices.

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IQ is Only Part of the Equation for Giftedness Testing

While your child’s schools and other educational institutions usually require evidence relating to IQ, our cognitive assessments go further. We aim to measure your child’s functional strengths and weaknesses to ensure you, and they, are prepared for a lifetime of giftedness.

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