Bariatric Assessments in Perth

Supporting your weight loss with Bariatric Assessments

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When you’ve struggled to lose weight for a long time, seeking psychological support or undergoing weight loss surgery can be life changing.

You might be surprised by the range of emotions this positive step can trigger, from anxiety to stress or even fear. That’s one of the reasons a Bariatric Assessment forms part of your preparation for weight loss surgery. It helps us confirm you’re ready for your operation and the changes it will bring to your life. Whether you’re having surgery or seeking psychological support, your Bariatric Assessment is an opportunity to explore concerns, expectations and your mindset about your weight loss.

Whatever path you take, you can rely on us to support you through your weight loss journey.

How do we help?

Being overweight or trying unsuccessfully to lose weight can affect your self-esteem or mental health.


Negative comments or well-meaning advice about diet and exercise from loved ones can make you feel worse.


At Gateway Psychological Services, we understand that your struggle with weight loss is rarely about calories or exercise alone. We can support you with personalised care that deals with the specific issues that make losing weight a challenge for you.


Starting with a Bariatric Assessment, we can help you:



Set realistic expectations and strategies for your lifestyle after surgery


Manage your mental health with ongoing therapy that supports your decision to lose weight


Understand your eating habits or food-related coping mechanisms


Deal with negative self-talk, build confidence and improve motivation

If you’re ready to start your weight loss journey in a supportive environment, speak to us today.

Psychological support for weight loss

Our experienced team offers support to help you overcome conditions affecting your weight loss, such as:








Comfort eating


Emotional eating


Binge eating


Self-esteem issues

If you need a Bariatric Assessment for weight loss surgery or psychological support with weight loss, speak to our friendly reception team.